So strange it might even be real.

”By combining strategies of speculation, ridiculousness, and ‘‘magic’’ with actual hands-on action and experimentation, we can actually test our theory against these different frameworks we live in and propose to see if they actually do tackle the problems we are dealing with and make a change or propose a new framework. Then, simple actions such as painting a bicycle white, using hands-on experimentation and bodging can become a catalyzing force for people to actually imagine how things could be different which they could never imagine before, let alone act upon.

For the full experience I suggest (interested) readers to read from the bottom of the last page. Join the journey from the first experimental harvesting sessions, essays on why I believe this is important in today’s world, sketches of how I build these contraptions, video’s of how they work and documentation of the best 500 meters on two wheels of my life. In order to get the best reading experience I suggest you start all the way at the bottom, the first video showing a ”sketch” of how one could harvest fuel from shallow waters. From there it will become increasingly clear why it is becoming so important that we start figuring out ways on how to do these things ourselves, rather than outsourcing everything to bigger corporations.

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