2 thoughts on “CO2-NEUTRAL????

  1. Nice idea.

    How many ponds do you need for a year driving? or how many peds can run how far on a pond?
    How does it affect the foodchain and sustaiability of plantlife.
    How long does it take for the pond to generate the next batch of fuel?
    if you mount a scraper beneath the catcher you would only have to walk around.

    We need thinkers like you, well done.

    1. Hey Atze,

      Amount of fuel depends heavily on time of the year, trees and wildlife around the pond etc. So I can not give exact numbers. We will have to see, it is ofcourse still in its experimental phase. I have talked to some actual scientists and it is possible to disrupt the ecosystem of course, but we as humans are disrupting ecosystems everywhere. I don’t think it is possible to get 100% ”clean” energy that does not affect anything else, somewhere someone or something has to be exploited. In this case, i’d rather do it here, locally, than pay some company to do it elsewhere in the world, probably on a much bigger (and more damaging) scale.

      Fuel renewing also depends on weather, the hotter it is the more fuel is formed. Throughout the year I noticed that indeed, there was a lot more fuel in the summer than in the winter, but here too I have no exact numbers.

      If you check out Infrastructuur, I have some suggestions on how to automate / harvest easier. For now, manual labour is okay and easy to do but I’m trying to gather enough resources to build an automatic harvester.

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