2 thoughts on “Field experiment summary: Harvesting work

  1. I believe this is where I put in a new message right, “Reactie”?

    Hello, I am quite amazed of your dedication and work. This had truly inspired me, I am thinking a motorcycle with a sidecar as a fueltank.

    And the harvesting of gas, is it possible to enlarge the collector/build a station that collected autonomously?

    Truly, you’re somewhat of a pioneer in my book, I wish you all the best!

    1. Hey Jonas,

      Thanks! For upscaling, check out the page Infrastructuur, there are some models and suggestions on how to upscale collecting the gas in an autonomous way. I am now looking at building one myself too, as I am also getting a bit tired of the manual labour.

      As far as fuel container, I had thought about a sidecar too but didn’t want to give up the feeling of a 2 wheeled motorcycle so decided to put the container on the back, limiting the amount of fuel one can take. There are actually motorcycles that use LPG as fuel, most of them have the pressure tank under the sidecar indeed. It is also possible to pressurize the fuel (same process as CNG), but it is a bit sketchy doing it the DIY way with a compressor – watch out for heat / sparks / oxygen in your system – but it is possible. There are some video’s on youtube of people compressing their own biogas.

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