Expedition SHELL NL

Lets see where the fuel powering the XT is coming from..

Dystopian scenery and cartoonish signs..

Too bad I wasn’t able to explore much at Pernis before being sent away. Good thing they have their own instructional video, as found below:

400.000 barrels of oil refined every day, 750 liters of crude oil passes through the factory every second it is operating.

The factory consists of 160.000 kilometers of pipeline, so the gasoline used in my motorcycle has already travelled the world four times before making me travel another 20 kilometers per liter. It is supplied by either the Middle-East, Africa or Russia. So our whole country depends on a fluid that comes from all over the world and before we even ”consume” it, it has travelled a distance of at least four times the earth. Very efficient, gasoline.

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