A last of its kind

From here, I would like to make a distinction between devices and things, according to Peter-Paul Verbeek. As I understand it; A wood stove is considered a thing, a thing you have to actively maintain while using it. You have to get wood, light the fire and maintain the fire to stay warm. The opposite of this is a central heating boiler. You set the temperature and it automatically warms your house and maintains all (hidden) infrastructure to do so. In the end, both of them will get the job done, but we all know which of the two will be the most rewarding.

1986 Yamaha XT600

No start button, no engine lights, everything in plain sight and accessible. The engine sound can either drive you crazy or make you feel comfortable and at home, depending on your experience. Built before emission standards, the smell of exhaust fumes lingers on your clothes after driving. A 0.6 liter single cillinder engine, pushing 40 horses, cooled by air and oil.

Unrefined yet refined enough to function. A thing, rather than a device. It needs to be operated with care. Nothing is telling you what is going on inside except the sound and the feeling of the cycle itself. You need to be aware of the consequences of your actions, know what the influence of your behaviour is on the system.

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