‘On a cycle, the frame is gone. The sense of presence is overwhelming and the whole experience is never removed from immediate consciousness.’

Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Slootmotor going full speed.
Build to outlast any kind of energy future as shallow waters will always be there.
In case of a breakdown the Slootmotor carries all tools needed to rebuild the entire vehicle in a small leather toolpouch.


Engine: 49cc 4-stroke, 2 valves operated by pushrods, splash lubricated

Horsepower: 1.75 @ 5750 RPM

Torque: 2.9 N/M @ 3500 RPM

Mileage: 5 kilometers per kuip

Maximum speed: 43 kilometers per hour

0-22: 12.3 seconds

Weight: 83 kilograms

Electronics: 12-volt cigarette lighter

Fuel: slootgas, propane / butane, CNG, petrol

Emission controls: n/a

Where we are going, speed is not desired. more speed means more horsepower, which means more CC’s, which results in higher fuel consumption. In our case movement is enough, and this tiny engine will provide enough power to have fun on two wheels while at the same time having a very low consumption of fuel.

Parts are plenty available and if not, it is easy enough to modify different engine parts to fit this one as its design is so simple and copied by many. It keeps itself going with splash lubrication, so oil pressure is never a problem. It runs on any oil, 10w-30, 10w-40, motorcycle oil, car oil, generator oil, it doesn’t matter. Today’s GX160 (Honda’s flagship home generator engine) is an almost exact copy of the PC50 engine, only difference is the actual size of it, a clutch and its pedals. Even though it has been designed over 60 years ago, the exact same engine configuration is still built and used around the world today.

Two wheels are inherently more economical in terms of consumption compared to their four-wheeled tin-can cousins. Less weight, less frontal area, and less air-resistance means higher speeds with less energy.

Rather than an extension of your house, which we can consider todays cars to be with their air-conditioning, touch screens and driver-assists, a two-wheeled vehicle an extension of yourself. From the moment you get on to the vehicle and start it, you become a superhuman, able to travel at speeds never to be imagined before. Rather than a engine in front of you, these are thousands of explosions in between your feet. The frame is gone, you are in contact with it all and you are the only one responsible for the consequences of your actions. No crumple zones to save you, only your own skills and observations.

Kuipje equals 50 liters of gaseous fuels.

Emmertje equals 10 liters of gaseous fuels.

Maximum speed & fuel consumption might differ due to outside temperature and the fuels energy content, which might vary according to the location, temperature and time of year.